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Express Yourself: Describe your feelings and things

use adjectives to describe how you feel and things or people


Are you bored? Or boring?

use adjectives to describe things, situations, people, and how you feel about something.

What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word that describes situations, personalities, and how someone feels.

➡️ I was so bored on the bus today. (bored describes your feeling)

➡️ I couldn't finish reading the book because it was really boring. (boring describes the book)

More Examples

I was so excited to see my friends this weekend! We went skydying and it was so exciting!

💡How did you feel about seeing your friends? ➡️ excited (describing a feeling)

💡How was the skydying? ➡️ exciting (descring a thing)


My birthday party was so surprising. I didn't know everyone was going to be there, I was so surprised when opened the door and saw everyone!

💡How was the party? ➡️ surprising (descring a thing)

💡How did you feel about the party? ➡️ surprised (descring a feeling)


I was so annoyed yesterday because my brother and his friends were being annoying! They wouldn't be quiet while I was trying to watch the movie.

💡How were your brother and his friends? ➡️ annoying (descring people and their behaviour or characteristic)

💡How did you feel about your brother and his friends? ➡️ annoying (descring a feeling)


Common Adjectives

Do you know how to say these common adjectives in your own language?


A) How can you describe these pcitures?

Does this concert look exciting or excited?

This rollercoaster? terrifying, terrified? Or something else!?

This man? surprised, or surprising?

B) Choose the correct form of the adjective.

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