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Courses & Prices 

How do you want to improve your English? Choose a course that is right for your needs! 

Laughing Work Colleagues

Conversation English

  • build confidence in speaking English 

  • develop general vocabulary 

  • improve and develop listening skills 

  • improve and develop fluency in speaking 

  • sound more natural when you speak

Job Interview

Business English

  • develop speaking skills for meetings and presentations

  • develop vocabulary for business use

  • understand more business communications 

  • develop all four language skills in a professional context

Student Reading Textbook

IELTS Preparation

  • develop an understanding of the IELTS exam

  • improve test-taking skills specific to IELTS 

  • develop vocabulary for IELTS tasks

  • develop grammar for IELTS tasks 

  • build confidence in your test-taking abilities 


General English

  • improve general communication skills

  • improve vocabulary for everyday tasks

  • build confidence in reading, speaking, and understanding English

Studying Online

Learn. Speak.Connect.


Private Lessons 

Improve your English in a one-to-one setting with a professional instructor who can give specific attention to your needs and development.


Sign up for montly lesson packs that you can renew, or for a whole course (1 level). 

8 Lessons

2 x per week


renews monthly

12 Lessons

3 x per week


renews montly

16 Lessons

4 x per week


renews monthly

60 Lessons

3x per week / 5 months


full course


Includes FREE placement test, study materials, course outline, progress assessments, virtual classroom

Micro Group Lessons

With a minimum of 3 - 4 students, our online group lessons are interactive, lively, and fun! Using a communicative method of teaching and engagement, you're guaranteed to feel like you're part of a community when you learn in our group lessons! 

60 Lessons

3 x per week


*4 payments of 105€

Schedule: three 60-minute lessons per week 

Duration: 5 months

Levels: A1-C2 


FREE placement test

study materials

course outline

progress assessments

virtual classroom

Need help? 

Contact us if you have more questions about learning English and how you can start? 

We'll be happy to meet you on a video chat, in a message, or in a live chat! 

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