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Future Perfect Continuous

Practice describing the details of multiple actions in the future, especially longer ones with the future perfect continuous.

The Future Perfect Continuous tense is used to talk about an

action that continues to another point or action in the future. You can make it with

will have+ been + verb-ing

What you need to know about the future perfect continuous

How do you make the future perfect continuous

What the future perfect continuous means

How to. use the future perfect continuous

Practice making the future perfect continuous

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How do you make the future perfect continuous?

What does the Future Perfect Continuous mean?

The Future Perfect Continuous is a continuous action that happens in the future up to the point of another action.

Here is what the Future Perfect Continuous looks like on a timeline.

Future Perfect Continuous Timeline

How do I use the Future Perfect Continuous?

Duration / How long to another point in the future

  • I will have been living in Italy for 10 years at the end of 2022.

  • I will have been learning Italian for 5 years by the time I see you again.

  • My daughter will have been taking dance classes for 6 years at the end of this term.

Practice making the future perfect continuous

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