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Future Simple

Practice talking about actions in the future with the future simple tense.

The future simple tense is used to talk about predicted actions in the future. You

Can make it with will+verb.

What you need to know about the future simple tense

How to make the future simple

What the future simple means

How to use the future simple

Practice making the future simple tense

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How do you make the future simple?

What does the Future Simple mean?

The Future Simple is an action that is being predicted to happen sometime in the future.

Here is what the Future Simple looks like on a timeline.

Future Simple Timeline

How do I use the Future Simple tense?

Future Predictions

keywords tomorrow, next year, next week, next month, later

  • Later this week, I’ll fix my bike.

  • I’ll visit my sister after I finish my first semester at college.

Express Willingness

  • I’ll help you with your project, don’t worry.

  • Her brother will help her move into her new flat..


Practice making the future simple tense.

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