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Past Perfect

Practice telling stories and showing the order of how things happened with the past perfect.

The past perfect is used to show past actions in order (eg. what happened first). You can

make it with had + past participle (*pp)

What you need to know about the past perfect

How to make the past perfect

What the past perfect means

How to use the past perfect

Practice making the past perfect

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How do I make the past perfect?

What does the past perfect mean?

When you use the past perfect you want to focus on the order of events; which actions happened first.

Here is what the past perfect looks like on a timeline.

Past Perfect Tense Timeline

How do I use the Present Perfect?

Actions that finish before other actions in the past

Keywords: already

  • I had already eaten breakfast before I got to work.

  • I had already visited Italy before I met my husband.


Practice making the past perfect form.

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