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Present Continuous

Practice making and using the present continuous to talk about things currently happening now or these days.

The present continuous is used to talk about longer actions that are happening now. You can make it with am/is/are + verb-ing

What you need to know about the present tense

How to make the present continuous

What the present continuous means

How to use the present continuous

Practice making the present continuous

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How can you make the present continuous?

What does the present continuous mean?

The present continuous is a longer action happening now, or these days.

Here is what the present continuous looks like on a timeline.

Present Continuous Timeline

How do I use the Present Continuous?

Unfinished Actions Now

Keywords: at the moment, now

  • At the moment, you’re reading about the present continuous.

  • I’m talking with my sister now.

Temporary Situations

Keywords: these days, now

  • I’m working a lot these days.

  • We’re remodeling our house these days.

Future Plans

Keywords: later, tonight, tomorrow, at {time}, on {day}, in {month}

  • We're going to the library at 6 pm.

  • I'm cooking dinner tonight.


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