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Present Simple

Practice making and using the present simple tense to talk about now, age, nationality, profession, facts, and habits.

The present simple is used to talk about now and things that are generally true.

You can make it by adding -s to the end of the verb in third person (he/she/it), but some verbs are irregular and there are some spelling rules too!

What you need to know about the Present Simple

How to make the present simple

Spelling rules for the present simple

How to make 'to be' in the present simple

Irregular verbs in present simple

What the Present Simple means

How to use the present simple

Practice making the present simple

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How do I make the present simple?

How do I make the verb ‘to be’ in the present simple?

Other Irregular verbs

Some verbs are irregular and don’t use -s at all!

Like ‘to have,’ ‘to go,’ and ‘to do’

What does the present simple mean?

When you use the present simple you talk about an action that is current, that is true now, in general.

Here is what the present simple looks like on a timeline.

How do I use the Past Simple?

General Facts

  • Winters are cold.

  • The sun is hot.


Keywords: usually, often, sometimes, always

  • Usually, I eat breakfast around 8am.

  • I always wake up at 6 am.

Permanent Situations

Keywords: usually, often, sometimes, always

  • I live in Serbia.

  • My mother lives with me.

Practice making the present simple (positive, negative, and quesitons)

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