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Learn English with NETFLIX! (B1+)

Did you know there's a chrome extension app that really makes watching Netflix a language learning exercise?

Yes! Now you can really say, "I'm learning English" when someone asks you why you are watching so much TV! Learning Languages with Netflix (LLN), is an extension app that allows you to engage (v. participate, or become involved) with the language while watching Netflix content.

You can use LLN as a tool to improve your language with the following features:

#1 Subtitles

Watch tv shows or movies with two subtitles; one in the original language and the other in your target language. This is good for comparing and picking up on (phrasal verb; to understand something) the meaning of words.

You can also listen to subtitles one at a time or line by line, which is great if you want to hear a sentence again. This will make it much easier for you to follow conversations and pause when you need more time to understand what is happening.

#2 Dictionary

There is a built-in (adj. included inside) dictionary that provides easy access when you want to see the translation or meaning of a specific word.

#3 Pro Features (paid)

There are paid features as well, which include:

  • an option to save phrases so that you can focus on them later

  • choose auto-translation or human translation

  • human translation is great for learning idioms and phrasal verbs which cannot be translated by a machine (auto-translation).

LLN currently works with 17 different languages including English, Serbian, Korean, Russian, Spanish....and several more of course!

Download the extension here.

Check it out (phrasal verb; look at it, learn about it) and let us know what you think in the comments!

Did you understand the new vocabulary in this blog post? Test your knowledge here with this quiz!

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