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  • What does my membership plan include?
    Your membership plan includes: tutor / conversation sessions access to our learning content/ library access to different tutors with whom you can practice speaking English.
  • How do I start?
    You can start tutoring sessions in a few simple steps: choose a membership plan (number of sessions and length) create an account buy your plan book your sessions add materials to your library (you can access them anytime😀)
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my session?
    Yes, you can. You can cancel or reschedule your session as long as it is 24 hours in advance.
  • Can I have my sessions on my mobile phone?
    Yes, you can. But we think you would enjoy the materials more if you were on a laptop or computer🤓
  • Can I book sessions with different tutors?
    Yes, you can. You can book sessions with any tutor that is available! 😁
  • Can I cancel my membership plan?
    Yes, you can cancel your membership plan anytime! You will only be charged for the sessions you used at the base rate*. *base rate is the price of a session without discounts.
  • Are there any learning materials?
    Yes, there are learning materials. Your membership plan includes access to a learning library with materials that you and your tutor can use to have conversations and tutoring sessions.
  • Getting Set Up
    ​Step 1: Set Up Your booking calendar on our website & sync your calendar In order to access the booking calendar on our site, you will need to accept the invitation to collaborate (sent by email from our Wix server), set up your account, and sync your calendar. Here's how you can do that: ​ Click Accept Invite in the email Click create an account Create a username and password, or use your Facebook or Google account (highly recommended) Click sync calendar when prompted *double check that the syncing worked, by clicking more actions >> sync personal calendar To sign into your account later, click the member log in button on the homepage, and select tutor page from the menu to find: a link to your calendar tutor guide
  • Managing your calendar and bookings
    Managing your calendar and bookings will include setting your availability, creating appointments, canceling a session, and setting the status of your bookings. ​​ How to set your availability You can set your general availability (add, edit, or remove availability) on the booking calendar by adding hours of availability on the work schedule. How to create appointment If you need to set an appointment for a student, you can do it by: ​ opening your booking calendar selecting the time you want to have the appointment select the length of the appointment (eg. 30 minutes or 1 hour) type in the name of the student and select from the contact list click save How to cancel or edit an appointment select the booking from your calendar click cancel, click 'send email notification' box click cancel session to edit, select edit
  • Getting Paid 💰
    You will be paid weekly for sessions covered from Monday - Sunday. Currently, we make payments through two options paypal ACH bank transfers (US based accounts only)
  • Tutor Agreement
    By signing up to tutor with The Language Globe, you agree to our terms and conditions which you can find here: Tutor Agreement This Tutor Addendum is an addendum to the User Agreement between Tutors and The Language Globe, LLC.. (“The Language Globe,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), and it sets forth additional terms and conditions that are applicable to your access, registration, and use of the Platform in your capacity as a Tutor. Capitalized terms herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement. To the extent of a conflict between any terms of this Tutor Addendum and any terms of the Agreement, the terms of this Tutor Addendum shall control. STATUS OF THE TUTOR It is expressly understood that the Student retains the services of the Tutor as an independent contractor and not as an employee. The Tutor shall be responsible for his/her insurance and for all statutory declarations and contributions regarding income tax. NON-SOLICITATION Tutor shall not directly or indirectly, either alone or in association with others, during the Tutor’s offering or provision of the Tutor’s Services on the Platform and for six (6) months thereafter, solicit, induce or attempt to induce, any Student to terminate his or her relationship or other engagement with The Language Globe and receive Tutor’s services outside The Language Globe’s website and virtual campus. OBLIGATIONS OF THE TUTOR The Tutor undertakes to do all preparation prior to lessons and to structure lessons in such a way as to optimize time to the benefit of the Student. The Tutor shall keep confidential all information of the Students. The Tutor shall not assign any of his/her duties or obligations under this tutoring contract to a third party. The Tutor shall at no time be required or obliged to execute homework or assignments on behalf of the Student.
  • How do I book a session?
    You can book a session in two ways. Log into your account on the home page, go to my bookings from the drop down menu, and then click book now, or On the home page, you can click the book now button.
  • How do I reschedule a session?
    You can reschedule your session on your My Bookings page. Log into your account on the home page, go to my bookings Select the session you want to reschedule Click reschedule Choose a new time and day Click reschedule Confirm new time
  • How do I cancel a session?
    You can cancel your session on the My Bookings page. Log into your account on the home page, go to my bookings Select the session you want to cancel Click cancel Choose a new time and day Click reschedule Confirm new time *cancellations and rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance. see terms and conditions
  • How do I cancel my membership plan?
    You can cancel your membership plan in the My Subscription page of your profile. Log into your account on the home page, go to my profile Select My Subscriptions on the menu (left hand side) Click the arrow of the membership plan you want to cancel Click Cancel Subscription Confirm your cancellation *You can cancel your membership anytime! You will only be charged for the sessions you used at the base rate (terms and conditions apply).
  • I still need help. What can I do?
    If you still need help, you can send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly 😎 Contact Us
  • How can I chat with a tutor?
    You can send a message to your tutor by: Log into your account, go to the My Bookings page scroll down to Tutors click view profile of the tutor you want to message 6. All messages will be in your email 💬
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